Product Information Management (Coming soon)

All your product management needs in one adjustable, secure and customizable location.

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Product Information Management

Product Information Manager (PIM) enables efficient product management. Enrich your products, manage distribution channels, customize user flows, and do everything from one central application.

Efficiency as a top priority

Our next-generation PIM is designed to accelerate information processing. Features are rich and flexible without giving up processing speed. PIM is suited for all users - from hardcore spreadsheet wizards to first-time users. Intuitive design, keyboard navigation, and shortcuts are simple to use but highly effective in the hands of an expert.

PIM that adjusts with you

Make PIM part of your business DNA. Navigate through every detail with custom search options and filters. Set configuration settings, define your product list and quickly edit their fields to better fit your users and company.

Flexible product information

Every business is unique in its own way and so are its products. PIM offers innovative methods for smart, simple information management. Define an endless number of details with custom fields and categorize them to make your processes more efficient.

Quality in your information

Full product control in the palm of your hands. Assign and customize quality rules for products. Create quality standards and PIM makes sure that all your information meets the requirements. PIM extends auditing even further with a unique rule system to help you deliver data fine-tuned to each of your distributors.