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Years of developing apps and api-s taught us that organisations are most successful when they use well-fitted solutions. FNE is an application platform that can work for any workflow, no matter the complexity.


User-friendly and a breeze to use, Phonebook is completely cloud-based, meaning your contacts are always available to you from any device, from anywhere on the globe.

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Asset Manager

Asset Manager helps businesses keep track of their resources. Keep detailed records, store purchase information, and manage your assets from one application

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Our powerful app minimizes errors and reduces time spent in the warehouse by eliminating manual data entry.

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Employee management has never been easier. Clock-in is a secure, cloud-based timeclock software designed to give you more time to focus on your business.

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Cost Reporting

Submit cost documents with ease and automate every step of the cost reporting process. No paperwork - simply scan, fill and submit.

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Product Information Management

Product Information Manager helps businesses manage their products more efficiently and centrally. Enrich your products, manage distribution channels, customize user flows, and do everything from one central application.

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