All your business’ contacts in a single, streamlined, secure location.

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Phonebook is completely cloud-based. Access your contacts from any device, anywhere on the globe.


With your contacts stored in the cloud, they’re always easily accessible and shareable to anyone on your team. Phonebook offers an organized and enjoyable experience, thus you have more time to focus on customers.

Contacts in a snap

Quick sorting, smarter filtering functionality, and instant free-text search results. Phonebook kicks traditional contact data solutions to the curb, enabling you to find the contact information you need in seconds.

All the small things

The phonebook app is more than just a contacts database -- it’s like having a built-in personal assistant. View full logs of all calls and emails. Store more information on important clients with custom fields, like mailing addresses and birthdays. Phonebook can even be set up to send you email notifications for special occasions.

Imports made easy

From Outlook to Gmail to VCF and CSV files, easily import your existing contacts to Phonebook so everyone that matters stays with you in one secure place. If you ever get stuck, our friendly support experts are just a phone call or chat away.

Your privacy. Our priority.

We’re fully compliant with all personal information and data privacy laws and regulations. All data is encrypted to ensure that we don’t collect or source emails and other personal information.

Available where you are

Rest easy knowing that all contacts are just a tap away. Phonebook is fully functional whether you’re on the office PC, your personal laptop, or your smartphone during a commute. Download the Phonebook app from the App Store or Google play to keep your contacts with you on-the-go.

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