Invoice Confirmation

Make your invoice confirmation and payment process more effective less time-consuming.

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Invoice Confirmation

We have carefully designed our app to speed up payment confirmation process.

Create streamlined digital archive

Mark the state of invoice to give yourself clarity of the situation. Sort your documents by status, supplier or date. Store original document alongside with structured invoice entity and attach additional files.

Save your precious time

As running business takes up a lot of time there is no need to check your app every minute, it automatically sends an e-mail notification when your confirmation is needed. Do not waste time on worrying about wrongly made transfers, because invoice must be approved before sending it for payment.

Designed with your convenience in mind

Export in XML to upload invoice to bank for payment which complies with SEPA standards. by exporting different documents at once and specify a date when bank transfers will take place.

Keep control of your information

Assign roles and permissions to a user. They can view only the information and perform only the tasks that the privileges associated with their roles allow.

Invoice Confirmation

We are in favor of modern businesses operating internationally. This is why we enable you to add different currencies.

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