Asset Manager

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Asset Manager

Asset Manager helps businesses keep track of their resources. Keep detailed records, store purchase information, and manage your assets from one application.

Tracking made easy

Tracking your company's assets can be time-consuming. Our Asset Manager app enables you to easily access, edit, or assign your assets from any device, anywhere. Add detailed product information and update your records in real-time. Keep track of your assets' status, location and maintenance schedule at all times.

Simple and painless data transfers

We've made importing your existing data easy as 1-2-3. Import your data from CSV file into Asset Manager with just a few clicks. Likewise, you can simply export your data from Asset Manager to a CSV file. Streamlined and simple data overview lets your team navigate through the information that matters most, quickly and easily.

Never lose track of your assets records

Enable dedicated product support and follow up by assigning an employee to each purchase entry.

Easily manage your company’s assets

Always know the status and condition of your assets. Asset Manager allows you to assign assets to your employees by location, then retrieve them when necessary. Connect your Asset Manager with Phonebook and make the whole process even quicker.

Safe and secure at all times

You can focus on your business and things that matter most while knowing your data is safe and secure with us.

Asset Manager

Asset Manager helps businesses keep detailed records of your resources, store purchase information and assign assets to employees. All from a single application.

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