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Upgrade your warehouse with Barcode Scanner.

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Our powerful app minimizes errors and reduces time spent in the warehouse by eliminating manual data entry.

Efficient counting

Save inventory counts with automatic time stamps and edit amounts on the go. It’s easy to export exactly the information you need into a CSV file. Our scanner is compliant with most barcode standards, making your work process even easier.

Never lose track of an order

Barcode Scanner enables businesses to take full control of the warehouse. Streamline your purchase orders, stock transfers, returns, full or partial stocktakings, and more.

Resume counts at any time

Do not worry about not being able to edit already-scanned items. You can add products or change counts at anytime, even weeks later. Product names will auto-fill after the first time they are entered.

Scan from any device

Transform your iOS device into a mobile barcode scanner to easily count inventory with your device’s camera. No need to buy additional hardware - simply load the barcode scanner app onto an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to turn it into a barcode scanner.

Save your time

Avoid time-consuming manual entry of items and boost your productivity by letting multiple employees doing the scanning at the same time.

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