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Employee management has never been easier.

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Employee management has never been easier. Clock-in is a secure cloud-based timeclock software designed to give you more time to focus on your business.

Clock in from anywhere.

Clock-in is the most accessible timeclock software for your business. Cloud-based iOS and Android applications mean you and your employees can clock in from any hardware at any time.

Don’t waste time on time management

Clock-in’s streamlined design makes clocking in and out of sifts easy for employees. For business owners, automated employee clockouts improve accuracy to keep your business running smoothly.

More than just a timeclock software

Always know who’s coming in late or who’s working over hours. Clock-in lets you view real-time analytics on employee clock-in records. Export Clock-in’s data at any time to gain valuable employee insights.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Accidentally enter incorrect data? Did an employee work later than expected to handle a rush of shoppers? That’s fine. Clock-in helps you handle the unexpected with the ability to manually adjust employee hours.

Always secure

Never worry about your employees clocking each other in. Each employee is given a unique pin to clock in with. The Clock-in app also stores all data on a localized server, keeping your business safe from outside threats.

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