FNE Phonebook

Own your contact network

The phonebook app is an all-in-one contacts management tool. Create searchable databases of contact information and easily filter through your entries as your list grows. Segment your contacts then communicate with them right from the app.

Superior contact management

Create contacts groups and sort them with filters. Maintain separate databases for your coworkers, customers, and more.

Communication made easy

Need to reach out to a contact in a hurry? Phonebook lets you chat, call, or FaceTime from the app.

Data management tools

Import or export data from a spreadsheet. Share contact data between FNE apps.


  • li-triangle Create, edit, and delete contact profiles
  • li-triangle Link social media accounts
  • li-triangle Assign a location and department
  • li-triangle Add descriptive notes to each contact profile
  • li-triangle Cloud-based for real-time updates
  • li-triangle Connect with contacts directly from the Phonebook app
  • li-triangle Search for contacts using keywords
  • li-triangle Share contact data with your FNE apps

Use Cases

Segment your contacts

Choose how to separate contacts and search for specific users with keywords.

Organize your workforce

Set up user rights to determine who can access and edit your phonebook data.

Build professional and customer relationships

Add contact notes for personalized outreach and additional insights.

API Integration

FNE’s comprehensive API supports integration with other apps and third-party software.

Phonebook data can be integrated with other apps that collect names and contact information. If a contact is updated in Phonebook, that information will update across all integrated apps.

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