Car Service Bookings

Fleet and Service Management

Car Service Bookings is an easy to use solution to manage your vehicle bookings. Check your appointments and plan your services with the built-in calendar. Record appointment times, add job notes, and assign a service to a department or employee.

Intuitive Scheduling Software

Use the built-in calendar to easily find times that work for both your employees and your customers.

Detailed Vehicle Database

Add your vehicles, store important product information, and assign each vehicle to a client.

Easy Assignment Booking

Never lose track of your bookings. Associate new assignments with an employee, department, and customer.


  • li-triangle Schedule bookings
  • li-triangle Add detailed vehicle information
  • li-triangle Create services, locations, and departments
  • li-triangle Associate employees with assignments
  • li-triangle Store employee and customer contact info

Use Cases

Better Manage Your Business

Create, edit, or complete assignments from anywhere. Make changes on-the-go from any device.

Expand Your Customer Support

Build client lists and save their information in the app for faster future bookings.

Grow Your Business

Easily add and organize new locations, vehicles, or services as your business grows.

API Integration

FNE’s comprehensive API supports integration with other apps and third-party software. Car Service Bookings data can be integrated with other apps that collect names and contact information.

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