Assets Management

Organize your resources

Asset Manager helps businesses keep track of their resources. Keep detailed records, store purchase information, and manage your assets from one application

An Easier Tracking Solution

Sort products using tags, associate assets with customer records, and define a product’s status.

Accurate Inventory Processing

Keep your employees on the same page. Add detailed product information and update your records in real-time.

Personalized Customer Experience

Enable dedicated product support and follow up by assigning an employee to each purchase entry.


  • li-triangle Create, edit, and delete inventory
  • li-triangle Store asset identification and purchasing data
  • li-triangle Define and update a product’s status
  • li-triangle Assign a product to an employee or a customer
  • li-triangle Integrate with other FNE apps

Use Cases

Streamline Your Work Processes

Integrate customer profiles into your assets to quickly pull product data.

Easily Manage your Company’s Assets

Assign and reallocate assets from one employee to another.

Never Lose Track of Your Records

Store identification and purchasing data for your company assets.

API Integration

FNE’s comprehensive API supports integration with other apps. Asset data can be integrated with other apps that collect product information. If a product is updated in Assets, that information will update across all integrated apps.

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