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FNE and your business

FNE, or Functional Enterprise, is a next-generation app store and development platform. From simple asset tracking to complex contacts management, FNE has you covered. See how our hundreds of apps drive your business’ growth.

Customization at no cost

From simple database applications to complex tracking and workflow solutions, the only limit is your creativity. Our API will transform the way you run your business. Our apps are cloud-based, scalable, and designed to fit every business model. Download an existing app or modify it to fit your business’ needs.

Secure your data

FNE apps are secure from the inside out. We comply with industry-standard security policies to ensure your data is protected. Choose who has access to your FNE apps and set permissions for what they can or can’t do within each app.

Why we built FNE

Years of developing apps taught us that businesses are most successful when they use custom-tailored solutions. We wanted to create an application platform that can work with any workflow, no matter the size of the business.

Product value

our personal app store

Hundreds of apps designed to streamline your business’ workflow.

All of your apps under one roof

Don’t waste time sharing data. All FNE apps are integrated with each other.

Highly customizable

Build off our base code, create custom data fields, or program in new functionality.

Technical value


Sync your FNE apps using REST and JSON models to prevent duplicate data entries.

Microservices and APIs

Use API to integrate your data with FNE apps and third-party applications.

Data Security

We maintain the highest level of data protection by following JWT / TLS standards.

GDPR Compliant

FNE follows GDPR standards to keep you and your customers’ data secure.

Multitenancy Architecture

We physically separate our databases so all apps can be securely shared within your team.